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O'NEAL Relaunch Project

O’Neal Europe GmbH & Co KG is a manufacturer of motocross and mountain bike clothing, accessories, protective equipment and hardware. O’Neal Europe has been supplying customers worldwide for over 40 years! In the rapidly changing competitive environment of recent times, e-commerce plays an important role in the value chain. O’Neal strives to lead innovation and be at the top of its e-commerce game by investing heavily in a top IT architecture to ensure its success in e-commerce.For the past two and a half years, we have been the strategic advisor for IT infrastructure. Using the best-of-breed approach, the decision was made to replace parts of the internally developed legacy systems and integrate software available on the market so that Oneal’s departments can work with the software and tools they prefer. All systems are interconnected via APIs to ensure real-time communication and up-to-date data at all times according to departmental requirements, and to integrate the complex system architecture accordingly.

The 2020 leading CRM system enabled the company to improve productivity, processes, and pipeline visibility for the sales team so that employees and agents have a complete view of the customer journey from start to finish. This allows the company to deliver world-class customer service to its customers. By providing an easy-to-use system for tracking, prioritizing and resolving customer support tickets. It provides both the company’s agents and customers with seamless communication and the most efficient way to resolve customer issues. The contact center solution for centralized communication with customers includes phone, routing, forms on various websites, email ticketing, chat, messenger and others.

Implementation of campaign management software that helps teams coordinate their work, from daily tasks to strategic initiatives. With our help, O’Neal can manage all of its work in one place and bring teams together in any location. Target different email subscriber groups with appropriate offers. 

Gradually reduce the functionality of the legacy system and implement a Spryker-based e-commerce suite. The Spryker Commerce OS (SCOS) is a fully modular B2B and B2C e-commerce technology. Due to the modular application and the API-based integration with all possible customer touchpoints (frontends), SCOS offers significantly shorter time-to-market and reduced total cost of ownership while simultaneously
Increase your ROI through digital best practices.


We restrict long and resource-intensive processes to the business and persistence layers, which ensures high performance. The presentation side is separated from the rest of the operating system to ensure that only lean processes are executed there. Basically, anything that can wait or impact the buying process is offloaded to an area that does not impact performance.
Separating the front-end from the back-end means developers can work in parallel, allowing for faster deployment, faster testing, and better optimization – all at a lower internal cost.

Since your commercial offering doesn’t depend on a single channel, you can focus on growth and improvement instead of dealing with solutions, enhancements, and sometimes hacks to “make things work.

The separation ensures that essential information is not tied to the presentation. You can easily swap, extend, replace, and even change the way this information is presented.

Implementing PimCore for product management for PIM, DAM and cross-channel distribution of product-related information enabled Oneal to manage, aggregate and distribute all digital product and master data for each channel and deliver user-centric, personalized customer experiences on any device.

At Oneal, we chose PimCore because of the tremendous benefits it brings to the company’s product management. The key for the company was the data product editing feature and the multi-level hierarchy to easily manage products.

The PIM system integration refines Oneal to disseminate customized product information across all channels and touch points.

User-friendly and consistent organization, aggregation, classification and translation of rich product information based on a flexible and agile data model is key to Pimcore’s PIM solution.

The Pimcore PIM platform provides the most user-friendly experience for data entry, translation and data management. Manage every aspect of every data set, including hierarchy, structure, validations, versioning, and enrichment of master data with attributes, descriptions, translations, documentation, and other related data components within Pimcore data processing.



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