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If you finally want to take the next step in digitization, then take advantage of the federal government’s “Digital Now” funding. Below you will find a brief overview of the topics that you can have funded. We as a digital agency will support you with the application as well as with the implementation. We are your contact throughout the entire funding period until December 31, 2023.

What can you get government support for?


In module 1 of the grants you can apply for investments in software and or hardware applications. Among other things, the following are supported Investments which support the internal and external networking of the company. This includes topics such as data-driven business models, cloud applications or IT security and data protection.


Module 2 of the subsidies for the digitization of companies gives you the opportunity to qualify employees in various areas of digitization. These include, in particular, the areas of developing and implementing a digital corporate strategy or IT security and data protection.

It is important to note that companies can apply for funding in either or both of the two modules. The funding is granted as a grant for a planned digitization project and does not have to be repaid. The duration of a funded project may be a maximum of 12 months for implementation. The grant will only be paid out to the applying companies after a successful review of the proof of use.


There are different models for the subsidy amounts. These look as follows:

The subsidy is calculated on a pro rata basis of the respective investment costs of your company. The percentage investment costs is graded according to the size of the company, so that so that smaller companies receive a slightly higher percentage.

percentage share.

A value chain or value network within the meaning of this program is defined as follows. Several companies work along the value chain from the delivery of raw materials to the end product, or several companies cooperate in a cooperate in a value chain network. An example here, that several suppliers cooperate in engine production in the automotive industry work together. Each company makes independent contributions to the chain or network. Each of the company must submit its own digitization plan and also submit its own application for funding.


Start-ups can also be supported as part of the “Digital Now” program can be funded. The only hurdle here is that the company must already have must have already completed the start-up phase and already have significant significant business operations with corresponding revenues. revenues is evident. The legal form of the company must also be completed, companies with the legal form of “company in formation” are excluded from this funding program.


After you have submitted the grant application for your company, the Grants will be determined through a random selection process. At all registered companies, the available budget funds will be allocated the appropriate until exhausted.

If your company is not selected in the random procedure in one month, you can you can reactivate the participation in the random procedure on a monthly basis. again. In this case, the new registration and the associated associated data entry is no longer necessary.

The random procedure offers all companies applying for the grants the same chances, because it does not matter with this does not matter how fast you are with the submission of your application. your application.

Transparency in the allocation of funds is particularly important to the federal government, which is why every registered company can see in the funding portal how many participants there are for the random procedure each month and how high the chances are of being awarded the contract.

Once you have submitted your application forms, they are reviewed according to the funding guidelines and approved for the random process.


You can only submit your application for funding for the “Digital Now” funding program electronically via the funding portal. The topic blocks that must be processed are as follows:

If you are in the process of submitting an application, you can save it at any time and work through your application as you go. In addition, plausibility checks prevent the entry of incorrect data and indicate in good time any criteria for ineligibility.

When submitting applications from companies in value chains and/or networks, it should be noted that each of these companies contains its own application with a digitization and financing plan. In addition, a common objective for the investment project of the participating companies must be presented. In the case of such an application, this is only considered complete when all companies in this chain or network have successfully submitted their application. One company in these networks must be the “lead partner” for the random procedure, as only this company is eligible to participate.

If you have been awarded the grant after applying for it in a random procedure, you will usually receive the grant decision within 6-8 weeks. However, this can vary depending on demand.

The start of your project will be determined as soon as you receive the grant notification. Only projects and plans that have not yet been started at the time of application are eligible for funding. Settlements relating to the grant or funding in the sense of “Digital Now” may only be made during the project period.

A combination with other federal or state funding is not possible. Only the respective own share can be supported via loans or participation programs.

Once the project has been completed, all where-used lists must be submitted to the project management organization. This proof of use must also be completed online. If the proof of use has been checked and approved, you will receive the corresponding amount of money as payment.

Further information on the “Digital Now” support program can be found here (http://www.digitaljetzt-portal.de).

If you need assistance with your grant application and subsequent implementation, we look forward to your call or email.

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