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Are your layout artists working on the new catalog for 2023, which will still be sent to your customers in the traditional way by mail or perhaps already as a PDF? Then it’s time for you and your company to take the next step in the digitization of your business. But with Apollobase, we not only make it possible for your product catalog to be sent to your customers by email, no, with us you digitize the entire ordering process for your products. Together with you, we create an online store that is perfectly tailored to your needs. In the first place, it is irrelevant to us whether you operate B2B or B2C or even need a C2C platform.


In the course of a digitization project with Apollobase, we comprehensively determine your exact needs. From the product database to the store system of the website and the marketing mix suitable for the target group. We literally take you by the hand and lead you into the digital future of your company.

Step by step, we digitize your product data and then connect it to your new online store via a product management system such as PIM. In the process, we also evaluate how a new ordering process needs to be mapped in the online store system so that it can be mapped in your company.

In the course of the conversion from an offline paper catalog to an online store, we also work with you to digitize other topics, such as sending mailings to customers that were previously sent in paper form as a digital newsletter in the future.

We analyze and define each individual topic of the large overall digitization project in your company together with you in order to generate the best possible output and thus also success.


Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) often face unique challenges when it comes to digitization. Limited resources, lack of technical expertise, and concerns about disrupting existing processes can make the transition seem overwhelming. However, with Apollobase’s expertise and support, SMEs can make the step to digitization smoothly and reap the benefits of a digital business environment.

  1. Assessing Needs and Goals
  2. The first step for SMEs is to assess their specific needs and goals regarding digitization. Apollobase works closely with SMEs to understand their current processes, pain points, and desired outcomes. Through in-depth consultations, Apollobase helps SMEs identify areas where digitization can bring the most value, whether it’s streamlining operations, improving customer experience, or expanding market reach.
  1. Tailored Solutions
  2. Apollobase recognizes that each SME is unique, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to digitization. Therefore, they create tailored solutions that align with the specific requirements and constraints of the SME. Whether it’s developing a user-friendly online store, implementing a customer relationship management (CRM) system, or integrating inventory management software, Apollobase ensures that the digital tools and platforms chosen are suitable for the SME’s size, industry, and long-term goals.
  1. Incremental Implementation
  2. To mitigate disruption and minimize risks, Apollobase advocates for an incremental implementation approach. Rather than overhauling the entire business at once, SMEs can start by digitizing one aspect of their operations, such as the product catalog or the ordering process. This gradual transition allows the SME to adapt to the changes smoothly while continuously monitoring the impact and making adjustments as needed.
  1. Training and Support
  2. Apollobase understands that SMEs may not have extensive technical expertise within their workforce. Therefore, they provide comprehensive training and ongoing support to ensure a successful transition to the


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