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A holistic online marketing strategy also includes paid search engine advertising SEA. Because SEA with the channels such as Google Ads, Google Shopping, Social Ads, etc. turns mere prospects into customers. Especially in the B2C area, performance marketing has become indispensable. But also in the B2B area you can use the advantages here. APOLLOBASE acts as your partner for the development of a Performance marketing strategy taking into account on which channels the target groups move.


After we have determined the target groups together with you we provide with target group specific and search relevant Google
Ads campaigns for more relevant traffic on your website. From lead generation to the increase of sales in the online store. Google Ads campaigns increase your visibility in the entire search network. Just as with search engine optimization, we also derive your goals in SEA from the existing company goals. Focus topics of our consulting are on the one hand the analysis and optimization of existing ads accounts up to the complete to the complete creation and conception of a new target-oriented campaign structure. Oh in the Ads support is us transparency is important. For this reason, we also work out the most important together with you the most important key figures for an individual reporting.

Goolge Shopping

Depending on the industry, it can be important for your company to offer the products on Google Shopping as well. Because on the contrary
to Google Ads or to accesses above the organic search at Google the searcher knows very well what he wants when searching on Google Shopping. already very exactly what they want.

Social Ads

Social Ads means placing ads on social channels like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Xing LinkedIn or TikTok. Here it is important to find out in advance which of these channels is used by your potential customers, so that you can achieve the greatest reach of the ads. In contrast to search engine ads, the following distinction must be made between social ads and search engine ads. Social ads are used to create demand, while ads on Google and the like are used to meet demand.

Amazon Ads

For certain industries, Amazon is simply indispensable as a platform. But how can you still stand out among all the offers. Here Amazon Ads can help to position their offers better. Amazon offers the following possibilities to advertise its products.

Improves the visibility of individual products from your offer. Charged on a cost-per-click basis. Individual products are individual products for relevant purchase requests.

Serves to increase brand awareness. The billing as with the advertising of individual products via cost-per-click.

In this format you can create a custom headline with a present brand logo and multiple products

Serves to extend the range. With this format you appear on and outside of Amazon. Billing is also

also via cost-per-click

Promote customer loyalty. At the stores you have the possibility to present their product portfolio and branding free of charge.

You finally want to advertise your products or services via ads or have your existing campaigns checked and optimized? Then don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to advise you.



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