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Headless Commerce Systems - What is it?

Headless commerce systems are an innovative form of e-commerce systems that differ from traditional systems. While traditional e-commerce systems have a monolithic structure and have tightly linked front-end and back-end functions, headless systems are decoupled, meaning that the front-end and back-end functions are separate. This gives businesses more flexibility in designing and customizing their e-commerce platforms.

How do headless commerce systems work?

In headless systems, the backend is implemented as an API (application programming interface) that allows developers* to access the database and business logic needed to provide e-commerce functionality. On the other hand, the front-end is implemented as a separate system that communicates with the back-end via APIs to receive data and process orders.

The advantages of headless commerce systems

Headless commerce systems offer businesses a number of advantages over traditional e-commerce systems, including:
Flexibility: decoupling the front-end from the back-end allows businesses to customize their e-commerce system to meet their specific needs and make it easier to change and update.
Scalability: headless systems can scale more easily because the backend is deployed as an API and the front-end component can scale independently.
Multi-channel support: headless systems are typically better suited to support multiple sales channels, including mobile apps, social media, and voice commerce platforms.
Personalization: because the front-end and back-end are separate, companies can more easily implement and customize personalized e-commerce experiences.
Faster time to market: using headless commerce systems can shorten time to market, as companies are not dependent on the limitations of traditional e-commerce systems and can respond more quickly to their customers’ needs.
Future-proofing: Headless commerce systems are designed to meet the demands of an ever-changing digital landscape and can more easily adapt to new technologies and innovations.


The complete package of a traditional e-commerce platform, unlike a headless e-commerce system, doesn’t offer the flexibility to connect everything you need through different interfaces. Nowadays it is important to be as customizable as possible when it comes to customer acquisition. In summary, a headless commerce system, compared to a rigid e-commerce system, keeps all possibilities open through the interface connections. By using a headless commerce system, you can optimize the customer journey even better.

Another difference is that headless commerce systems simplify changes in the front-end, which is detached from the back-end. This means that developers are no longer restricted in their actions and no longer have to worry about whether any databases in the back end are affected when working on the front end. With the new headless commerce systems, all you need to do is schedule a corresponding API call. When redesigning your online store, you now have the opportunity to completely redesign the shopping experience for your customers.


By switching to a headless commerce system, you can adapt your online store with more flexibility to the times in which the online world changes seemingly every second. New platforms are constantly appearing and disappearing. Only companies that can react quickly to these circumstances are the companies that will be successful in the long term.

The microservices in headless commerce systems have the great advantage that they can be set up quickly without lengthy tests and can thus quickly open up new sales channels for the company. This high level of customizability and flexibility makes it possible to open up all the necessary sales channels and tailor them appropriately to the target group. The result is that traffic and conversions go up and thus an agile headless commerce system has a direct impact on the company’s success.

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Headless commerce systems are an innovative solution for companies looking for more flexibility, scalability and personalization in their e-commerce platforms. By decoupling the front-end from the back-end, companies can customize their e-commerce systems to meet their specific needs and more easily adapt to new technologies and sales channels. In an increasingly digital world, headless systems can help companies stay competitive and exceed their customers’ expectations.



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